N.E.F.L Fixtures 08 Oct – 14 Oct

NEFL Fixtures.

Over 35 Matches duration is 80 minutes. Roll on roll off substitutes allowed from a maximum of eighteen players listed on match card. If level after 80 Min’s in Cup matches. Straight to penalties to decide result. .

MONDAY 08 OCT, 8.30.

Div 3:

Kells Cel v Kilmessan, MDL Astro, K Ennis.


Div 2:

Bailieboro v Redeemer Cel, Stephen Rooney.

B Res:,

Glenmuir v Donacarney, P Malone.


Over 35 League Final Play Off:

* Penalties after 80 Min’s if necessary

Doolargey All Stars v Rock Celtic, Clancy Park, C Halligan, P McGeown, Paul Rooney.

O’Neills Sports Div 1:

Albion v Parkvilla, P Henry.

Prem Res:

Drogheda Town v Bellurgan, Sarah Dyas.

FRIDAY 12 OCT, 8.0.

Tully Bookmakers Challenge Cup:

Glenmuir v Duleek, N Scott;

Muirhevnamor v Carrick, Muirhevnamor Astro, B Gillespie.

Prem Div:

Rock Cel v Ardee Cel, D Carolan, B Murphy, K O’Brien.

O’Neills Sports Div 1:

Kingscourt v OMP, Kingscourt Astro, J Gorman.

Div 4:

Castle Villa v Slane, A O’Hanlon.

SATURDAY 13 OCT, 3.0. Unless Stated.

Reserve Cup Quarter Final:

Newfoundwell v Kentstown, Drogheda DIFE Astro, P Henry.

Gerry Reilly Mem Cup:

Carrick 2nds v Redeemer Cel 2nds, Stephen Rooney;

Torro 2nds v Virginia Cel 3rds, M Dowdall.

Prem Res:

Muirhevnamor v Duleek, Muirhevnamor Astro, Wayne Doyle;

Trim Cel v Boyne Harps, B Srdjan.

A Res:

Hazel Lane v OMP, Grammar School, Brendan Doyle;

Parkvilla v Athboy, D Gaff;

Rock Cel v Square, M Gallagher.

B Res:,

Robinstown v Glenmuir, D Gavagan;

Trim Town v Donacarney Cel, OFF

Virginia Cel 2nds v Kilmessan, Kings Park, P Geraghty.

SUNDAY 14 OCT, 11.15 unless stated.

LFA Senior Cup Second Round

Evergreen FC v Trim Celtic, Kells Road Kilkenny, 2.0.

Tully Bookmakers Challenge Cup:

Bay FC v Boyne Harps, A McNamara;

Bellurgan v Johnstown, C Pierce;

Athboy Cel v Newfoundwell, 11.30, Conor Byrne.

Kilmessan Shield:

Hazel Lane v Abbey Cel, Grammar School, G Donnelly

Kilmessan v Navan Cosmos, MDL, Gary Doyle;

Newtown v Fordrew, P Keogh;

Torro v Electro Cel, S McMahon;

Enfield Cel v Kells Cel, 11.30, M Bryan

O’Neills Sports Div 1:

Square v Kentstown, 2.30, P Burns Jnr.

Div 2:

Bailieboro v Oldcastle, P Burns Snr.

Virginia Cel v Redeemer Cel, Kings Park, 11.30, A McCann.

Div 3:

Chord Celtic v BJD Cel, Meadowview, 11.30, Sarah Dyas.

Div 4:

Thatch FC v Millmount Cel, Albion, T Little

* Home team text results to Fixture’s Secretary Declan Jordan at

086 4070679, within one hour of match being completed. Fines shall be incurred for offenders.

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